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2008 Wine - White Pegasus Bay

2008 Pegasus Bay Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon (Canterbury, New Zealand)
Wine - White $29.99 (750mL)

Spring and early summer were exceptionally dry and we felt the vines would be adversely affected by lack of water. Then the unexpected happened. We had a downpour in mid-February which set the dry streams gurgling and recharged the ground water levels. After this the vines had enough water to keep them happy until harvest.

In this traditional Bordeaux blend the sauvignon blanc has given a complex range of exotic aromas and flavours suggestive of lychees, paw paw, Turkish musk and passion-fruit, backed by hints of gooseberry and dried wild herbs. The semillon has added complementary lemon and lime flavours and helps fill out the mid-palate providing weight and depth. The wine has a backbone of tangy minerality and acidity which helps dry out the palate and give it a zippy finish. While ready to drink on release it should develop additional fascinating nuances with careful cellaring over the next 5-6 years and should live for a decade or more.

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