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September 14, 2009


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roumieuAuthor: Dirk Chan

Many of us pair food and wine together, and I often find that the most stunning pairing of the evening can be the last course: dessert. Stickies, or sweet dessert wines are often relegated or dismissed when it comes to food & wine pairing and that is an opportunity lost for discovery. I have a sweet tooth myself, and often this is the first thing I pair up when planning a dinner menu. You don’t have to go to great lengths with this, sometimes a dessert wine like French Sauterne can be dessert all by itself, to be sipped with some blue cheese. There are the usual pairings: Ruby Port and Stilton and assorted nuts, Tawny Port and Creme Brulee but here a few of my true and tried favourites: Sauterne and a ripe Phillipino mango, Callibaut chocolate fondue and Tannat, Chenin Blanc and fruit flan or fruit salad,


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