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January 27, 2020

Louis Jadot with Philibert de Vregille

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Author: Dirk Chan

deVine welcomes Philibert de Vregille of Maison Jadot for a sit-down tasting on Monday, March 2 at 7pm.

Maison Louis Jadot is a winery that was founded by Louis Henry Denis Jadot in 1859. The first vineyard bought by the Jadot family is the now famous Beaune Monopole vineyard, Clos des Ursules, in 1826. The family wine company not only produces their own wines, but also markets Burgundy wine. It operates both its own vineyards and buys grapes from other growers. It controls 270 hectares (670 acres) of vineyards in Burgundy (including Beaujolais Crus), all of which are AOC denominated wines, making them one of the most significant negotiants in the region.

Monsieur de Vregille is the Export Director for USA, Canada and several other European countries. He will lead us through a couple of white Burgs, a Beaujolais Cru and several of the Premier Cru’s from the very small but exquisite 2016 vintage. This is a must for those who want to delve into the mystery that is Burgundy with this venerable old house! Pinot Noir at its best!

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January 11, 2020

Two 15th Anniversary Tastings

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Author: Dirk Chan

Time flies! – deVine Wines is please to celebrate it’s 15th Anniversary with two back to back tastings on Friday, February 28th (our actual date of opening), and Saturday, February 29th. We hope you are able to attend at least one of these events to help us mark this special occasion – perhaps we can reminisce on some of your favourite tastings over the years!! Cake will be served both nights.

Different wines will be served on the two nights, with rare bottles that have been kept in our warehouse over the years for special occasions such as this.

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January 2, 2020

The Great 2017 Vintage Ports

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Author: Dirk Chan

The 2017 Port Vintage was generally declared and together with 2016 made history being the first back-to-back declaration since the late 19th century. When 2017 were tasted last year, we thought it the equal of the great 2016’s and the great 1994’s. For sure, the debate about which is better will rage on for a very long time.

The question now becomes whether it will be an unprecedented three-peat declaration with the 2018’s – alas we’ll have to wait till Saint George’s Day on April 23rd to find out. For now, we are spinning in delirium with the embarassment of riches from these two great vintages. For those of you where 2016 and 2017 are significant years, please purchase now for your cellars and you will have greatness to taste down the road.
Note that yields were lower in 2017 than 2016’s so availability is more limited (get yours early). We have four 2017 ports (in 750mL formats) on offer (pictured left to right):

2017 Niepoort Vintage Port (Douro, Portugal) – $169.99

2017 Dow’s Vintage Port (Douro, Portugal) – $149.99

2017 Fonseca Vintage Port (Douro, Portugal) – $169.99

2017 Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port (Douro, Portugal) – $169.99

We are hoping more will show up on our shores over the next quarter. Stay tuned.

For those shopping for the 2016’s, here is the link:
Available 2016 Vintage Ports

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Rabbie Burns – Scotch with Lee Hansen

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Author: Dirk Chan

Robert Burns (also known as Rabbie Burns) was a famous Scottish poet and lyricist who is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland. There’s a national Scottish holiday named after him. Many a scotch tasting will happen around the world around Rabbie Burns day.

This year, please join us Thursday, January 23 from 7-9 pm as Lee Hansen from Icon Fine Wine & Spirits for a pre-Rabbie Burns stand-up Scotch tasting featuring Islay, Speyside and Highland.single malts. A must for the whisky lover.

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