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February 27, 2023

Weekly Offer for Feb 27/23

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Author: Dirk Chan

Our online feature this week is the 2021 Botter Gran Passione Rosso (Veneto, Italy) – $18.49 (regularly $22.49).

Botter is a family business started in 1928 by Carlo Botter in a small town near Venice selling their grapes wholesale as bulk wine. They now own 23 brands across Italy, of which Gran Passione is one. Made for “classic-enthusiasts and hedonists” who know how to carve out good times in a fast-paced society and search of wine that makes them happy. Its for people who want a rich, warming, smooth, easy drinking red. “Gran Passione represents Botter’s expression and devotion to our work that honors the tradition of our land; something to be passionate about.”

Made from Merlot and Corvina – the main grape in Valpolicella and Amarone – grapes are picked when overripe and starting to dry out shrinking to concentrate the grapes, while reducing the water content and concentrates the sugars, giving a rich, smooth and sweet fruit flavour while showcasing raisins, chocolate, blackberry and black cherry notes. Think Ripasso alternative. This is the wine to pair with grilled meats, stews and cheeses.

2021 Botter Gran Passione Rosso (Veneto, Italy) – $18.49 (regularly $22.49)

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February 20, 2023

Weekly Offer for Feb 20/23

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Author: Dirk Chan

Our online feature this week is the 2020 Babich Black Label Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) – $19.99 (regularly $24.49).

Babich Wines is the oldest family-owned (established in 1916 after the family immigrated from Croatia in 1910) winemaking company in New Zealand and a leading NZ wine brands that aims to sustainably crafting the most drinkable New Zealand wines for export. This winery practises sustainable viticulture and is heading towards Organic Certification.

Their Black Label Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc was first produced in 2005 and is made from grapes from the Waihopai, Awatere and Wairau Valley properties. This is a high quality drink displaying archtypical New Zealand Sauv Blanc character with that added layer of complexity. Plenty of citrus notes (citrus, grapefruit, mango, lemon) on the nose while the palate offers lime, gooseberry, minerals and smoky herbals. Delicious with a spring salad, fish or poultry dishes!

2022 Babich Black Label Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) – $19.99 (regularly $24.49)

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February 13, 2023

Champagne Liebart-Regnier with Winemaker Alexandra Liebart

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On Thursday, April 27th @ 7pm deVine and Lanigan & Edwards Wine Merchants welcomes winemaker Alexandra Liebart from Champagne Liebart-Regnier for a evening of fine Champagne.

In 1960, the young winegrower Lucien Liebart settled with his wife Georgette Regnier in Baslieux Sous Chatillon, a small little village in the Marne Valley, and together they founded the Liebart-Regnier Champagne House. When his father died in 1987, Laurent naturally took over the family vines, and was later assisted by his wife Valérie. Nowadays, daughter Alexandra together with Laurent are the winemakers.

The house philosophy is to ensure that the range of champagnes reproduce the expressiveness of the land hence terroir-driven. Respecting the environment goes hand in hand with alternative techniques such as incorporating lunar cycles during planting, tilling, cover planting, sexual confusion and so on, putting these methods into practice to cultivate the vines.

Champagne Liebart-Regnier is a wine Récoltant Handling (RM-25625-01 logo at the bottom of the back label). This RM symbol assures you that the product is entirely from the Champagne vineyards on our estate.

Winemakers are busy people these days and we see less and less of them travelling to our neck of the woods so please join us for this stand-up tasting where you can rub shoulders with the person making the wines you’ll be tasting. Only 36 spots available.

Weekly Offer for Feb 13/23

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Author: Dirk Chan

Our online feature this week is the 2014 Famille Barsalou Château Aumedes Corbieres Rouge Reserve (Languedoc-Roussillon, France) – $15.99 (regularly $21.99).

The old family estate of Château Aumèdes has been producing high quality wines since 1878. More than five generations have succeeded each other in this family owned and ran business fully utilizing the brilliance of traditional grape varieties grown from vines planted on hillsides with diverse soils.

Aumèdes, which takes its name from the Occitan “aumets” or “aumedas” which means elms, is the oldest property of the family Barsalou. The Gallo-Roman remains discovered on the estate testify to the presence of agricultural activity dating back at least two thousand years. The vineyard, planted on a south-facing hillside, extends over 40 hectares of terraced plots between the scrubland and the village of Bizanet.

Our feature this week is a very Mediterranean-style blend of Carignan, Grenache Noir and Syrah produced according to the specifications of the protected designation of origin of Corbières. It offers both a rich aromatic expression and a complex structure. Love the heady floral nose with forest fruits, blackcurrant, blueberry and grilled spices that is followed by a compelling palate of aniseed, red and brambly fruits. Fruity freshness features judiciously and lingers delightfully on the rustic finish. Refined acidity supports a dynamic palate. Pair with slow braised red meats.

2014 Famille Barsalou Château Aumedes Corbieres Rouge Reserve (Languedoc-Roussillon, France) – $15.99 (regularly $21.99)

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February 6, 2023

Weekly Offer for Feb 6/23

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Author: Dirk Chan

Our online feature this week is the 2019 Lothian Vineyard Selection Pinot Noir (Western Cape, South Africa) – $28.49, (regularly $41.99).

The Lothian of Elgin Vineyards has their history from Scotland and with three generations of Cape winemakers in toe, the Wilson family grew up on their grandmother’s Rust en Vrede vineyard in the 1950s and 60s. Raised with a dedication to excellence, one can see Gavin and Ewen’s values reflected in their authentic and traditionalist approach to Burgundian-style winemaking and with their choice of winemaker, Richard Kershaw who is a world renowned Master of Wine.

Working in harmony with nature, the integrity of the fruit and its clonal characteristics are maintained, ensuring we craft elegant and exquisite award-winning complex wines such as our Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling that reflect the unique climate and terroir of Lothian’s vineyards. Due to Elgin’s high altitude and proximity to the cold Atlantic Ocean, the valley’s cool environment makes it the ideal home for varietals such as Pinot Noir, and with the house philosophy of a predominantly non-interventionist approach to wine making leads to a great expression of the varietal.

This week’s feature is their 2019 Pinot Noir has a strawberry and cherry compote on the lovely, expressive nose. The palate mirrors the nose, but with additional notes of raspberry, mushroom and forest floor, plus vanilla and baking spice from the French oak aging. Dense fruit on the warm and delicious finish, generously textured and lip-smacking acidity. Pair with duck confit.

2019 Lothian Vineyards Vineyard Selection Pinot Noir (Western Cape, South Africa) – $28.49 (regularly $41.99)

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February 1, 2023

The Wines of Campania and Basilicata

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Author: Dirk Chan

In southern Italy, the wines of Basilicata and Campania may be lesser known than those of, say, Piedmont, Tuscany, and Sicily, they’re no less notable and worthwhile. The common theme between Basilicata and Campania is the Volcanic soils and high-altitude vineyards with vast day and night temperature range that ensure healthy and fragrant grapes that reflect the terroir that they are grown in.

Red wines comprise 80% of Basilicata’s production, with the Aglianico del Vulture grape being the region’s undisputed star but there is also interesting rosé and sparkling wines as well.

North of Basilicata is Campania (meaning “countryside”), one of the most mountainous regions in Italy. Vineyards are located around Mount Vulture on volcanic soils – Vesuvius is the only active volcano in southern Italy. While more famous as the birthplace of pizza and renowned for its high-quality dried pasta, the region is famous for its Aglianico as well, especially the Taurasi wines, a DOCG and DOC. These wines are characterized by flavorful bodies and astonishing aromas, a touch of graphite and minerality from the soils and pairs well with a wide variety of foods and cheeses from the region.

I high encourage you to try the wines from these two under-rated and also under-priced regions, they are full of character and deserve to be much better known.

Pictured left to right:

2021 Villa Matilde Falanghina Avallone (Campania, Italy) – $29.99

2019 d’Angelo Sacravite IGT (Basilicata, Italy) – $21.99

2019 Tenuta del Portale Starsa (Basilicata, Italy) – $21.99

2020 Tenuta Scuotto Aglianico IGP (Campania, Italy) – $29.99

2019 Mastroberardino Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio (Campania, Italy) – $29.99

2017 Mastroberardino Radici Taurasi (Campania, Italy) – $61.99

Other available wines:

2019 Tommasi Masseria Surani Heracles Primitivo (Campania, Italy) – $24.99

2019 Grifalco Aglianico del Vulture Gricos (Basilicata, Italy) – $26.99

2018 Tenuta Scuotto Taurasi DOCG (Campania, Italy) – $44.99

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