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January 28, 2016

Wine Basics

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wine_basicsAuthor: Dirk Chan

Wanting to learn more about wine? Well, it’s time for another session of our ever popular Wine Basics, the introductory wine appreciation themed tasting, scheduled
for Saturday, February 20th at 7pm at the store.

We will tastethree whites and three reds which are made from a single grape varietal, you will discover their typical characteristics. We will touch on wine serving tips, food pairing and wine etiquette all in an informal, relaxed setting.

This sit-down event for 34 seats sells out every time, so for those beginners wanting to delve into the wild world of wine, this is a great starting point at the great price of $30/person.

Advanced registration is required, please book your spot here..


January 11, 2016

Introducing A Special Port House

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leonardo_60Author: Dirk Chan

With the help of our friend Roy Hersh from For the Love of Port, we have ordered through Flying Wines some very rare and collectible Tawny and Vintage Ports from the house Quinta do Mourão.

Most of you have not heard of this house before, the Braga Family has owned this estate since 1972, but its history dates back to the 16th century. Located just down the river and around the bend from Peso da Regua in the heart of the Douro’s Baixo Corgo. Owner/winemaker Miguel Braga runs the show having taken over from his father Mario who originally purchased this property. They previously sold their fruit to the big houses, and in 1999 decided to market their own.

Roy has been pursuing this house for many years, and it is quite a coup for us to have the Mourão ports in Edmonton. This producer seems to fly under the radar, but makes some of the finest wood-aged Ports in the entire Douro region and the proof is in the pudding once you’ve tasted these.

The family owns four other Quintas, and the story behind the Sao Leonardo label on their wines refers to a viewpoint in the valley that stood in between two such Quintas. At the time of purchase, these were managed by the respective sons who would meet at this half way point between them, thus for tradition’s sake, the label on the wines became S. Leonardo.

We’ve got for your consideration their 10, and their superb 40 and 60 Year Old Tawny Ports, as well as their Vintage Ports from 2000, 2007, and 2009. Please note quantities for all are extremely limited.

A few words must be said about the extra rare and quite extraordinary 60 Year Old Tawny, if such as thing were to exists – there is no official designation in Portugal for a 60 Year Old, so the label is technically 40, but with a tiny booklet and sticker of ’60’ attached to the bottle. Miguel’s blend is 80% from the 1948 and 20% from his phenomenal “mother wine” from 1972.

Having tasted this at a recent gathering (where there was complete silence for a couple of minutes with attendees mesmorized and searching for accolades), this writer must rank it amongst the top three tawnies I’ve ever tasted, completely in line with the 1855 Taylor Scion that costs ten times as much as this. The palate is so long and persistent, it defies description, i half expected tears from someone in the room! Given the quality, the $460 price tag is a massive giveaway. Needless to say if you want something truly memorable, get this while we still have a couple of bottles for sale!

Here are the links to the available Mourão ports:

2000 Quinta do Mourao Sao Leonardo Vintage Port – $84.99

2007 Quinta do Moursao Sao Leonardo Vintage Port – $89.99

2007 Quinta do Moursao Sao Leonardo Vintage Port – $89.99

NV Quinta do Mourao Sao Leonardo 10 Year Old Tawny Port – $48.99

NV Quinta do Mourao Sao Leonardo 40 Year Old Tawny Port – $192.99

NV Quinta do Mourao Sao Leonardo 60 Year Old Tawny Port – $459.99


January 4, 2016

Wild World of Craft Beer: Belgium

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belgiumAuthor: Jim Phelan

Join us on Saturday, January 9th at deVine Wines & Spirits while we explore one of the great grandfathers of craft beer: Belgium. The country’s rich brewing history dates back to the First Crusades in the 12th Century and has influenced the brewing culture of every nation across the globe. Belgian beer styles are also among the most diverse of any country, ranging from Trappist and Abbey beers, through a number of different sours, wits, saison, and even ‘Champagne’ beers finished “à la méthode originale.”

Belgian brews are taken seriously enough that many have a particular goblet to enjoy each style in, and are perfectly paired to certain styles of cuisine. A full six course meal can (and does) get paired with Belgian beer. In January, we’ll scratch the surface of this rich culture with a sit down, guided tasting.

Book your tickets to this event online here..


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