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November 1, 2018

2016 Ports with Roy Hersh

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Author: Dirk Chan

The 2016 Port Vintage is the first general declaration since the 2011. With the 2016s, they are definitely going to make a splash – the growing season got off to a late start, following a very rainy spring that would make the different later during harvest time. As is typical of the Douro Valley, they entered into its typically hot and dry period in June and July, the vines had enough water reserves to help them along, with only a few areas suffering from hydric stress. A light rain came in a timely fashion on Sept. 13, to give the vineyards a freshening, and with the vintage running a week behind, growers could take advantage of ideal weather conditions into October, picking the later-ripening varieties such as Touriga Franca at optimum quality.

The 2016 Vintage Ports really are exceptional, with some of the most refined tannins ever, supporting gorgeous red fruit flavours while being extraordinarily intense, purple colour. The wines have impressive structure and balance, with Baum├ęs, acidity, tannins and colour in rare and perfect alignment. This is certainly a vintage to include in your cellar to enjoy in your later years or to celebrate a significant year.

Production of each of the 2016 Vintage Ports is approximately 1/5 below the previously declared 2011’s with a very rigorous selection by most houses.

As is customary, deVine welcomes world renown Port expert Roy Hersh from Seattle here for a sit-down tasting of seven 2016 Vintage Ports on the Remembrance Day Friday, November 9 at 7:30 – $105/person.

We special order small amounts of half bottles (splits) of both the Taylor and Fonseca 2016, and those who attend the tasting will have first dibs at the smaller format, which wil drink at peak sooner, and better suited for smaller size gatherings.

Rumours are circulating quietly about a general declaration for 2017 – if so, it would be a first to have back to back vintages declared – you can ask Roy about this.

Book your seat here..

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