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May 22, 2019

Pride Week “Rainbow” Tasting

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Author: Dirk Chan

For the upcoming Pride Week on Thursday, June 6 @ 7pm, deVines is hosting a Rainbow tasting in support of Edmonton Pride Senior Group, with wines of various colors of the rainbow flag.

Special treats include the very hard to find (but we finally got some) Yellow Wine (Vin Jaune) from the Jura in northeastern France. Another treat is the hot category of Orange wines and we will be tasting one. Throw in the Vinho Verge (Green Wine) from Portugal as well as Pinks, blues and purple (various degrees of red) will make up the rest of this fun-filled stand-up event. Only 60 spots are available, and dressing up is fully encouraged. Party time!!

Advanced registration is required, you can register here…

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