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March 28, 2016

Coravin Arrives at deVine’s

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coravin8Author: Dirk Chan

For centuries, the cork in a wine bottle had to be removed in order to enjoy a glass of wine. Well that is now history. The Coravin Model 8 Wine System is the first invention in the world to let you access, pour, and enjoy wine from a bottle – without having to pull the cork. The Coravin proprietary technology protects the wine from oxidation with argon gas yet leaving the cork in place while the wine flows. Now enjoy your favorite and finest wines by the glass whenever you desire, and feel confident that your wine will be protected until the next glass is poured. Share and enjoy the same bottle, or bottles, on multiple occasions, over weeks, months, or even longer – without wasting a drop.

How does it work? A clamp holds the bottle in place while a thin hollow needle pokes through the cork and accesses the wine without damaging the cork. Tilt the bottle as you would to pour normally, pressing and releasing a trigger to pour wine out . At the base of the unit is a Coravin capsule that contains pure argon gas which is released into the bottle to protect the remaining wine from oxidation (we’re told wine will keep this way for up to 30 days taking out 5 ounces at a time). When done, extract the needle and the cork will reseal itself naturally and no oxygen gets into te bottle thus no oxidation. Each capsule is good for 15 five ounce pours.

This is great for those who usually don’t consume an entire bottle in a single seating. Also, its a great way to check progress of developing wines in your cellar. Also an invaluable tool if you’re bringing a bottle to a restaurant or friend’s place to check that it is not corked (no need to bring backup bottles anymore).

This marvelously ingenious invention has taking the wine world by storm and its available at deVines now! Join the masses of the converted.

Coravin Model 8 Wine Preservation System (United States) – $449.99

Coravin Dual Capsules (United States) – $40.99

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