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April 24, 2009

Spring has Arrived, Time for Pink

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RosesAuthor: Dirk Chan

Spring is upon us and this year, we’ve gotten a head start on the Pink Drinking season. deVine has receive many of our special orders of Rosé already. The rage in Europe, it is catching on in North America as well. Edmonton, being a progressive city has been on the bandwagon for a couple of years already (and men are buying as much as the women!). While France is a prolific producer, diversity is apparent as we’ve got offerings from Australia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Spain and Portugal. Its not only the pink color that’s attractive, but the excellent cherry, strawberry fruit and that laser beam of acidity that makes it a fabulous summer sipper.

 One misnomer needs to be cleared up – Rosés are 99% dry, rarely are they sweet, and should definitely not be confused with the similarly colored White Zinfandel from California (which is extremely sweet). Rosés are a great food pairing wine, try with a summertime salad, chicken, fish and pork, it all works. You don’t need to serve it fridge cold, but chilled will do.  Time to squash all those cliches making fun of Rosés and try one for yourself, you may be hooked and not consume any big reds over the summer. And certainly ask for Rosés in a restaurant, if they don’t have any, well…

Our ‘Drink Pink’ Tasting:  phone 780-421-9463 or book online here.

2007 Chateau de Lancyre Rosé (France) 

2008 Ochoa Rosado Garnacha (Spain)

2008 Rockford Alicante Bouchet Rosé (Australia) 

2006 Megalomaniac ‘The Pink Slip’ Rosé (Canada) 

2008 RJ Vinedos Pasion Rosé (Argentina)

2007 Colinas de Sao Lourenco Rosé (Portugal) 

2007 La Vieille Ferme Rosé (France) 

2007 Gres Saint Paul Gipsy Rosé (France)

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