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January 19, 2018

Delicious Fruit Sakes

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Author: Dirk Chan

Have you ever had an alcoholic drink that tastes just like fresh juice? Well, you must try these Japanese based Nakano Fruit Sakes. The various fruit flavors are so intense that defies description, yet the 7% alcohol sneaks up on you. Pictured left to right are pear, mandarin orange, peach and a citrus blend. They’re tart and not overly sweet, but oh the fruit is like eating off the tree freshly picked. Enjoy these chilled, but watch it, or you’ll be inebriated when you down the whole bottle or two..

Nakano Nashi Pear (Japan) – 300mL – $22.99

Nakano Mikan No Osake Mandarin Orange (Japan) – 300mL – $22.99

Nakano Peach Momo (Japan) – 300mL – $22.99

Nakano Nakano Obaachan’s Yuzu-Shu Citrus (Japan) – 300mL – $22.99

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