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October 13, 2020

The Arrival of the 2017 Bordeaux

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Author: Dirk Chan

The 2017 Bordeaux vintage was doomed for the reds even before any of the wines were bottled, coming after the much lauded 2015 and 2016’s, and with inclement weather (frosts in April, rain in September), and pricing that didn’t come down from those legendary vintages. However, there is fabulous 2017 white Bordeaux throughout – the cool days, dry weather and even cooler nights created exactly what was needed to produce bright, fresh, crisp, refreshing white wines with character, fine acid and style. And as the harvest took pace well before the September rains, the grapes were brought in under good conditions. deVine brought in several whites for the store even though we didn’t have a Futures campaign.

As for the reds, they are early drinkers predominantly (with the higher growths being excellent due to know-how and shorten crop yields) with lower alcohol, nice fruit and easy to consume while you wait on your 2009, 2010, 2015 & 2016’s. It certainly isn’t an investment vintage. We purchased a few mid-priced reds for the store. They are similar (and better) to the 2007’s, restaurant friendly style wines. There are excellent 20-30 year wines too, but only at the top end and for the prices being asked, not worth the buy as futures.

First, those pictured above from left to right (these we have good stock on):

2017 Château Reynon Blanc (Bordeaux, France) – $31.99

2017 Château Rahoul Blanc (Bordeaux – Pessac-Leognan, France) – $39.99

2017 Château La Garde Blanc (Bordeaux – Pessac-Leognan, France) – $53.99

2017 Château Belgrave (Bordeaux – Haut-Medoc, France) – $71.99

2017 Château Le Boscq (Bordeaux – St. Estephe, France) – $61.99

Here are all the other available 2017’s:

2017 Château Reynon Rouge (Bordeaux, France) – $34.99

2017 Château Marsau (Bordeaux – Cotes de Francs, France) – $41.99

2017 Château Clement Pichon (Bordeaux – Haut-Medoc, France) – $48.99

2017 Château La Garde Rouge (Bordeaux – Pessac-Leognan, France) – $51.99

2017 Château Ormes de Pez (Bordeaux – St. Estephe, France) – $69.99

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