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January 2, 2023

Gruber Roschitz Black Label Releases

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Author: Dirk Chan

Gruber Roschitz is an ancient winery from Lower Austria, located in the western part of the Weinviertel wine region. Active since1814 when the wines were sold in bulk to inns and friends, the commercial side started in 1964. Nowadays, the estate is ran by the three Gruber siblings, Ewald, Maria and Christian, who take care of the 80 hectares situated between 250-360 meters above the sea level.

Theirs is a tremdous range of wines, with their basic offerings selling well at deVines for years. With out last visit at the winery, we tasted and loved their top cuvees, their Black Label range of wines, some of the best Austrian wines we’ve ever tasted, and brought these highly sought after wines for your consideration. Extremely limited availability.

On offer are the Black Label Riesling, Pinot Noir and St. Laurent bottlings, all top drawer stuff. The differences between microclimate, vineyards and terroir make Gruber Roschitz wines unique and all different from each other. They range from fruity and elegant to full-bodied and deep, all marked by that unmistakable mineral quality typical of this prestigious area. We also seeked out and brought in their very fine Riesling Eiswein. These have to be tasted to be believed. Many ‘tete-de-cuvees’ are twice the price from other producers.

Treat yourself to some of the best Austrians available.

Pictured left to right:

2019 Gruber Roschitz Black Label Riesling (Weinviertel, Austria) – $54.99

2020 Gruber Roschitz Black Label Pinot Noir (Weinviertel, Austria) – $54.99

2018 Gruber Roschitz Black Label St. Laurent (Weinviertel, Austria) – $54.99

2021 Gruber Roschitz Riesling Eiswein (Weinviertel, Austria) – 375mL – $44.99

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