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March 1, 2023

Fruit Sakés

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Author: Dirk Chan

Fruit sakés are trending nicely in Alberta. With its deep, concentrated varieties of fruit added to saké, these dangerously easy to drink sakés are a viable alternative to fruit coolers. With some even having fruit chunks in them, they feel like drinking a freshly plucked fruit fresh off a tree from an orchard. Mandarin oranges, pear, peach, pomegranite, plum, yuzu, pineapple, lychee, the list of fruit choices goes on and on.

There’s a reason they’re in small 330mL bottles, you will be under the table before you know it as the typical 7.5% alcohol is overwhelmed by the fruit and hardly noticeable.

Treat yourself to one nicely chilled and you’ll see why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Pictured left to right:

Nakano Pomegranate Sake (Japan) – $23.99

Nakano Citrus Mix (Japan) – $23.49

Nakano Toro Melt Pineapple (Japan) – $23.49

Choya Yuzu Umeshu (Japan) – $44.99

Other available fruit sakes:

Nakano Mikan No Osake Mandarin Orange (Japan) – $23.99

Nakano Nashi Pear (Japan) – $23.49

Nakano Toro Melt Lychee (Japan) – $23.49

Sakagura Nigori Ume Plum Wine (Japan) – $23.99

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