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June 22, 2010

2009 Bordeaux Futures – Update

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Author: Dirk Chan

The 2009 Bordeaux Futures campaign is in full bloom at the moment, it has been a booming success with wines being purchased by consumers at all price points. It is our most successful campaign ever. While there are bargains at the Petit Chateaux and Cru Bourgeois levels, it is a different story for the highest scoring (95+ points) wines which are the most expensive ever, even with the strong Canadian dollar versus the up and down Euro. Wines are actually 10-25% higher than the great 2005’s. With careful chosing, some Grand Cru Classe wines were released at reasonable prices and we bought these and sold them just as quickly.

With many years of buying Bordeaux futures, I can offer this advice: the great vintages such as 2000, 2005 and 2009 will never lose their value and if anything will appreciate dramatically, especially for the rare and collectible wines. If the prices seem high for the top end now, they will be even higher when the next ‘vintage of the century’ shows up. Thus, if you want the best, then bite the bullet and buy it now and in ten years time, you will be glad you have them in your cellar as you reminisce the good old days and ponder in bewildment that you no longer can afford the same wines you purchased for the 09’s. My, how the First Growths, the so-called Super-Seconds and even some of the Third Growths have truly become a commodity reserved only for the rich and famous.

For those of you who are price conscious and after quality for price, there are numerous wines in the $50-90 range that will reward your patience and selectivity, they will be great wines in 10-15 years and your only regret will be that you didn’t buy them by the case. Just ask yourself how many times after consuming a great bottle that you wish you would have bought more.

Check out our 2009 Bordeaux offer here.

With the Asian market giving out carte blanche, it is no wonder the pricing is over the top for the superstars. Alas, it is all about supply and demand, and when there are only 1000 cases (as for most Pomerols) available for the whole world, getting a few bottles seem like you’ve hit the jackpot. Gone are the days when you can buy futures for a great Bordeaux vintage at a cheaper price than on release, and you could buy as many cases of Petrus and Latour as you want as long as you have the money – nowadays, buying futures merely ensures you get your hands on those few precious bottles.

As this has been a very long and arduous campaign with some of the right bank superstars still to be released, we have extended the purchasing deadline to Sunday, July 18th at 6pm. A lot of the wines have dwindled down to their last few bottles, so buy them online or in person now to avoid disappointment. As usual, we require 75% down now, and the balance will be due when you collect the wines on arrival in mid to late 2012. If you have any questions, or wish to speak to us about a particular chateaux, then please drop in to the store or make an appointment, and we will gladly help you out in your decision making.

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