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September 2, 2008


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GatheringAuthor: Dirk Chan

I find as I’m getting older that time moves relentlessly onward faster and faster. The times spent with family, friends and loved ones have to be scheduled well in advance for it to come off at all. However, once in awhile, spontaneity works as last Saturday, my friend Richard Beeken hosted an event at his place in celebration of the return of our friends Macmoud and Jody, who had been travelling the world for more than 3 years. Friends Dean, Wayne, Paulette and myself joined. This came off in short notice, and without much fanfare but what a treat to spend one of the last warm days of summer outdoors.

The menu and wine pairings: chinese bbq roast pork, cheeses and deer sausage (a mature & superb 1985 Heidsick Brut), home-grown pear salad with goat cheese (Fess Parker Viognier, fresh and vibrant), herb roasted salmon (Yering Station Pinot Noir, very Burgundian), barbecued venison tenderloin (1979 Ch. Lafon Rochet (mature and autumnal), 1993 Ch. Haut Brion (fantastic nose and great breed), 2001 Guigal CdP (violets and more violets)) and apple cobbler (1996 Ch. de Fesles Bonnezeaux, light as a feather). 

Dead SoldiersThough these gatherings are not as frequent as they used to be, they are no less special or memorable.

Do you have a gathering you want to share with others?


  1. Oh, the fond memories of the Cellar Dwellers Wine Society who used to meet regularily in the late `90s here in town.

    Another subject however…has anyone tasted recent vintages of the Burrowing Owl Syrah? I opened the `03 the other day and tasted with some of the staff at DeVines. Most present thought way too oaky and a chemical/iodine note.
    This bottle was a gift from a friend from Vancouver, not purchased at the store!

    Comment by Bob Parsons — September 8, 2008 @ 9:11 am

  2. We are having a sort of “chardonnay gathering” on my fave wine forum WLDG!
    Each month, under the title Wine Focus, we study a certain area of wine production or maybe a grape varietal. Last month Zinfandel created a lot of interest/discussion. This month the subject is the effects of oak on Chardonnay. Many taking part are starting off with an unoaked chard and then moving onto the wines that have seen some oak.
    Devines would appear to have a terrific selection for me to choose from! Chablis fills the shelf nicely and I see some splits of Pouilly-Fuisse. California would appear to fit the bill too but I wonder about the “oak bombs”?
    For interest sake, I purchased the Chardonnay Musque from BC`s Blasted Church. The winery tells me no oak so I look forward to tasting later this month. Anyone else out there drinking some chardonnay this month?

    Comment by Bob Parsons — September 10, 2008 @ 8:26 am

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