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November 27, 2020

Introducing deVine’s Concierge Service

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Author: Ed Fong

deVine Wines will begin offering our customers an exciting new and unique way to shop! With deVine Concierge Services, you can book a personalized shopping experience up to an hour long. At your appointment, you will have the undivided attention of one of our team members so that we can focus exclusively on your needs. Here is how it works!

Book your date and time
⦁ Concierge Services are offered between 10-11 AM and 6-7 PM. At that time, the store is closed to the general shopping public.
⦁ The length of your booking can be tailored to meet the level of your needs. If you’re looking for simple wine and food pairing advice, or help in picking out a few selections, a 15 minute appointment is perfect. If you need help in planning a more complex function, you have the option of reserving a longer appointment.
⦁ During your appointment, the only individuals who will be in the store will be Team Members preparing for the store opening or cashing out. There may be some time overlap if another customer is accessing the Concierge Services at the same time as you are. If this is the case, that customer will have their own Team Member assisting them.
⦁ You can book your date and time by sending a request via email to “”

Understanding your needs
⦁ In order to better understand your needs in advance of your appointment, please fill out this online form and send it back to our team. With the information you provide, we can do some advance preparation to make the best use of your appointment time.
⦁ Based on your needs, we will pair you up with a staff member who has the best ability to meet them. If we cannot provide you with the answers to your question during your appointment, we will do so at the earliest possible time after!
⦁ Concierge Services allows you to shop with purpose and focus! We understand you are busy and that your time is valuable. We can help you check one off your “To Do List” by booking your appointment now.
⦁ We understand that during these uncertain times you may want to limit your interactions yet still seek the advice you need. We can help! Concierge Services is all about quick, professional, time efficient and impactful customer service.

Are there costs for booking my appointment?
⦁ deVine Concierge Services is free of charge. We want to make your shopping experience unique, personal and enjoyable!

You can download our online questionnaire here.. fill it and attach it to your email to us.

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